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Arches/Specialty Shapes.


We have several options available to treat Arches and Eyebrows. They all add beauty to the window and enhance the room rather just serving as a means to block sun and provide privacy. The options range in price from affordable to expensive, however, even the affordable choices are excellent and stylish.

Sunsational Arch

This product is ideal for Arch shape windows and has moulding around the outside edges to cover light gaps.  It has a sharp and clean appearance and is a stock product.  In other words, it is not custom made.  The sizes it comes in are tight so if the window arch is irregular, this can be easily changed for a smaller or larger size.  It also has moveable louvers so it can be opened and closed. It is only available in White, Off-White, and some sizes in Alabaster. It is made of PVC material. 


Fixed Louver Arch
Angle Specialty Blind

We can provide Blinds in all Shapes, Sizes and Materials. Most are operable.  Most require templates for fabrication. Call for quotes.  Speciality Shaped Blinds are available in the following materials:




  • 2 1/2" WOOD / FAUX

  • 1", 2" AND ALUMINUM


This can be used for all shapes and sizes and is a very popluar choice for Eyebrow arches.  It is a custom made product and usually requires templates to be made of the window before it can be fabricated. It is still one of our most AFFORDABLE options. This one can be either Wood or Faux Wood.  Stained or painted. They are made from left over material from the blinds so the price is the same whether Faux or Wood.  The louvers are fixed at a 40 degree angle tilted up.  This allows light to come in while directing the sun back out. This product ideal for Arches, Eyebrows, Transoms, Cathederal Arches and 1/2 Arches.

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