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Roller Shades

Quality Roller Shades using Sun Control Fabrics are an excellent choice for window coverings in today's economically sensitive climate.  Sun Control fabrics create an exceptional insulating barrier while still maintaining variable rates of exterior view.  Please request to see a Sample Binder or we can send you one for fabric selections and complete specifications on the shade material and hardware system.

Woven Woods

Woven Wood Shades are threads and yarns woven through grassy textures, reeds, bamboo and wooden slats. Popular in the 70′s these shades have made a come back.

2" Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds have many options to choose from today with many beautiful stains and paint colors. There is also the option of 2", 2 1/2" and Routless as well as Cordless. 

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds are ideal for an Economical solution that also looks clean and updated.  They come in a wide variety of Colors, Textures, and Slat Sizes.  They are very energy efficient and moisture resistant. With all their versatility they are an excellent choice for ALL your windows. They are available in several different grades making them an excellent choice for the budget conscious to those seeking a Custom Faux Wood Blind. They are available in beautiful stain colors as well as a range of white to off white. The least expensive blind is our Import. Due to much needed new legislation on Child Safety and Blind Cords we now have affordable CORDLESS blinds available in the Popular 2-1/2" Routless Option as well as the traditional 2" Routed Option. 


These beautiful custom shutters are crafted from carefully selected premium hardwood. They are durably finished with quality paints and fine furniture stains.  Our shutters are some of the finest shutters sold in the market place today. Click Product Detail for the different type of shutters we sell.

Custom Drapery

Look to us for All your Custom Drapery and Decor needs.  We can create a design from our wealth of experience and talent or we can fine tune your ideas or work from a photograph from a magazine.  Whatever your preference you can be sure your Custom Drapery will be of the highest quality and sewn by professional seamstresses with craftsmanship next to none. Keeping you in your budget is always a priority as we want the final product to be a source of pleasure and enjoyment for years to come. It is also our goal that as we work together to decide on fabrics and styles that our work is a reflection of YOU.      


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