Roller Shades


Quality Roller Shades and Screens using Sun Control Fabrics are an excellent choice for window coverings in today's economically sensitive climate.  Sun Control fabrics create an exceptional insulating barrier while still maintaining variable rates of exterior view. The quality combined with a Clutch Roller System or state of the art Automation options create a durable and efficient window shade that will outlast any of the most widely used treatments in our market today. Please request to see a Sample Binder or we can send you one for fabric selections and complete specifications on the shade material and hardware systems. We manufacture our own Roller Shades in our own shade fabrication facility in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Sun Control Fabric offers a variety of Styles and Colors with weaves that allow for different usages.  A material that has a weave of 3% open allows 97% UV blockage. It also offers maximum glare and heat control while still allowing you to maintain a view of the outside. The same is true for a 5% open weave.  It blocks 95% and allows a little more view, a little less glare and heat control, but is ideal for major sun problems. 1%, 10% and 14%, the same applies.  The goal is to choose a fabric that allows the maximum view while being dense enough to handle the amount of sun and glare for your particular conditions. 

Also available are a wide variety of Black Out Material as well as Opaque Materials in Beautiful Decorative Textures and Colors.